Sunday, May 23, 2010

Social Networking: Get a Life

Time to tackle the phenomenon of social networking: Facebook and Twitter. Yes, I am a member of both, strictly for entertainment and a forum for my rather strange sense of humor. These two sites are the most interesting development to the Internet yet, and I must say in the wrong direction. Yes it is nice to revisit with long lost high school classmates, yes it is nice to see what your old boyfriend and girlfriend look like these days, and yes it is nice to stay in touch with relatives who have forgot how to write a letter or pick up a telephone.

But remember my fellow web friends whenever you type something or post something to the Internet it goes out to the ENTIRE world; employers, future employers, former friends now not so friendly, scam artists, and let me not forget, the Government. This little box you are typing into is a very complex piece of technology. When I see friends, family, associates using foul language, slamming employers, posting not so flattering pictures, I want to kick them in the, well you know, and explain to them this is not cool.

It is amazing to me professional, intelligent individuals use Facebook and Twitter like passing notes in study hall; "I just scratched my nose...", "I am putting on my blue coat...", "We are going out to get a burger...". This coupled with "Fortune Cookie", "Fish Tanks", "Farm Animals", games or whatever they are is enough to make you wish that this medium was never invented.

So I say "get a life", try reading your local newspaper every day, listen to National Public Radio, Laura Ingraham, Stephanie Miller, Don Imus, and yes Rush Limbaugh, write a note to your family and tell them how you are doing, try a conversation with someone, if you cannot tell your boss he or she is an idiot to their face show some class and keep quiet. Sometimes being up to speed with technology is a step backward and not a step forward.

Sports - I went to Dodger Stadium this past week to see the hometown team, Detroit Tigers, they lost 4-6. But it is good to report that Dodger Dogs are still the best hot dog and Dodger Stadium (though approaching 50 years of age) is still the best ball park in the country.

Health Care - With all the health care problems these days, especially for individuals and families who have little income, I want to call attention to an organization that provides health services to all people no matter who they are: Providence Little Company of Mary hospitals and clinics. The commitment they have to all individuals is wonderful. The sisters, doctors and staff are caring people who truly believe in helping people and not the almighty Dollar. Thank you and keep up your outstanding work.

Next week our monthly Fiscal snapshot and a few words about Memorial Day.

Until next Monday, Adios.

Claremont, CA
May 24, 2010

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