Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Relaxation of Gardening

There is no better way of releasing stress than spend a couple of hours each week in your garden. Be it a large flower and vegetable garden or a simple patio garden, gardening is relaxing and peaceful.

No matter if you live in Vermont, suburban Detroit, the Rocky Mountains or the Inland Empire of Southern California, there are two key words in gardening: water and feed. Not to over water or not to under water is always an issue. In the dry heat of Southern California I water thoroughly two times a week (Wednesday and Sunday). It is important to understand the demands of each and every plant in your garden. I keep track of my plants using my computer: type, date planted, etc. Yes I am a geek, but keeping accurate data helps me maintain my garden year round – from the heat of the summer to the dampness and low light of winter. The computer also helps me determine when it is time to feed my plants and vegetables. Proper soil (mulch) and plant food are essentials for gardens especially where top soil is thin and lacks proper nutrients.

I strongly recommend you find your local botanical garden and horticulturists to aid you in your research of your garden. Here in Claremont we have the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens: They can offer information from the best local and water resistant plants to how to properly crop your garden. The more you pick your crop in your garden, the more vegetables you will have. If you leave mature vegetables sitting on the plant, the plant will focus on nurturing that instead of producing new vegetables. Harvest and trim consistently so that your garden plants continue to produce and grow.

My final tip is do not forget to weed your garden and treat for any pests. Proper weeding maintains root systems and encourages a more attractive garden. Also the treatment of pests is important, I find that a few lady bugs and lizards work wonders on keeping pests away.

Restaurant Review – Nestled in Claremont Village, La Piccoletta has been a favorite with the locals and a hidden treasure to those who delight in true Italian food. I visited La Piccoletta recently and found the food and service continue to be the best. The menu consists of several specialties including filet mignon, cioppino, shrimp scampi, oso bucco, polla all pina, stuffed meatballs, antipasti, and featured pasta along with different types of authentic sauces. I had the spaghetti and meatballs with garlic, meat sauce, a delightful meal.

The pasta each week is presented with four different types of sauces which are specially chosen to compliment the shape and texture of the particular pasta offered. The wine list is good, and the Italian desserts are excellent. Seating is limited to approximately 40 people, so reservations are recommended.

$$$, Claremont Casual (meaning do not wear anything Republican), reservations recommended, 909-624-1373, located at 114 P. North Indian Hill Boulevard, right behind the famous Heroes Bar, just west of Yale Avenue in the Village of Claremont. The Rink Rats rating of 1 – 10, with 10 being the Parkway Grill, we give La Piccoletta an 8.

Next week: has any one seen or heard from Dick Cheney lately? Also, a final thought on the Association playoffs and the U.S. Golf Championship.

Until next Monday, Au Revoir.

Claremont, CA
June 14, 2010

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