Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Summer Begins

The Memorial Day weekend kicks off the unofficial beginning of summer. Three events of this past week began the summer on an uplifting note.

The world we all live in now is a complex one, filled with technology, time management, and events that we have no control over but still frustrate and confuse us. There are events though very small in the overall scheme of life that occur to lift our spirits and empower us to deal with this complex life we live. Here are three such events that influenced me greatly this past week.

• This week the University of La Verne held their annual Spring Commencement. Though many people east of Ontario, California and west of Pasadena, California have never heard of La Verne, this small, regional University awarded approximately 1,000 undergraduate and graduate degrees. To witness graduating students celebrating with family and friends their pride in accomplishment was a great experience. When students from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, Beirut Lebanon, Veracruz Mexico, and Riverside California all personally thank you for helping them achieve a goal, to be the first in their families to achieve graduate degrees, to see the look of happiness and gratitude in their eyes made all the hassles of everyday life seem so minor.

• To view the events of this past week in Detroit with the bad call by the umpire, Jim Joyce, to spoil a perfect game by pitcher, Armando Galarraga, provided me with a great perspective on sports. Baseball is just a game, but the sportsmanship and class exemplified by Mr. Joyce, Mr. Galarraga, Jim Leyland the Detroit Manager and all the Detroit fans celebrated what games are all about; fun and fair play, not ticket prices, salaries and awards.

• Finally the passing of John Wooden this week, though sad, celebrated that men and women for what they represent and teach are much more important than how many championships they have won or lost. John Wooden throughout his life was a teacher, he taught family first, character second, and be the best person you can be. If we all remembered these more often the world would be a much better place.

So thank you graduating students, the sportsmanship of Detroit Tiger baseball and the memory of John Wooden for giving me and hopefully many people a great start to the summer of 2010.

Stanley Cup Playoffs - With the Red Wings hopes diminished in the early rounds I must admit my passion for the playoffs has been curtailed. But as a fan of the “Original Six” I say go Chicago. Though I believe the overall play of this final round has been average at best, the Blackhawks have too much talent and experience to not beat the upstart Flyers. I thought from day one of this season the Western teams were far superior than the Eastern teams in the National Hockey League. The Chicago Blackhawks will win their first Stanley Cup in fifty years.

The Association Playoffs - All we hear and see in LA, LA land is “go Lakers”. To listen to the sport talk show hosts life will end as we know it should Los Angeles lose to Boston. The more important sports question of the day for this blogger is can the Detroit Lions win more than three games this coming season and will Michigan get rid of that crook running their football team? Be that as it may, back to the playoffs – LA will beat Boston because simply they are a better team. Enough said.

Next week: summer gardening tips and another restaurant review.

Until next Monday, Au Revoir.

Claremont, CA
June 7, 2010

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