Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: Predictions

Happy New Year to all Rink Rats friends and readers, we begin our ninth month with a few predictions for 2011 –

Scarfs – Women will realize that scarfs are “geek-chic” and will send them back to the closets.

Facebook Obsession – Intelligent people will realize that telling the internet world they are getting up at 3:00 AM to go to the bathroom and their cellular phone is not working is ridiculous and a complete waste of time. How about spending time on your life, relationships or perhaps volunteer at your local Senior Citizens Center.

John “Tan” Boehner – Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner will really be crying this year when he realizes being Speaker is a thankless job. Imagine dealing with pie in the sky Democrats and without a clue Tea Party members, Speaker Boehner stock up on the handkerchiefs.

College Presidents – Incoming College Presidents will soon realize life as a Provost is much more enjoyable.

Bankruptcy – At least two states will declare insolvency in 2011; Illinois and New Jersey are leading candidates.

Gas Prices – Gasoline will be $4.00 per gallon by July 1, $5.00 per gallon by January 1, 2012.

Tablescape – Sandra Lee’s tablescapes will be ruled illegal by the New York State Assembly.

Denver Broncos – John Elway will take over day to day operations of the Denver Broncos.

Unemployment Rate – November 2010 = 9.8%, July 2011 = 9.5%, December 2011 = 9.0% - good luck President Obama.

San Francisco 49ers – To our dismay Jim Harbaugh will be the new coach of the 49ers.

Michigan Wolverines – Rich “No Defense” Rodriguez will be fired, the new coach will be … who cares just get him out!

College Parking – Parking at the University of La Verne will deteriorate to the point of fights breaking out in the Circle K parking lot between members of the College of Business and the College of Education, there will be no winners.

Forget the New Year’s resolutions; people break them by February 1.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK – Birthday wishes and thoughts this week to David Bowie (64), Helena Bonham Carter (44), Katie Couric (54), Dick Enberg (76), Doris Kearns Goodwin (68), Lou Holtz (74), Bobby Hull (72), Laura Ingraham (48), January Jones (33), Diane Keaton (65), Joe Kernen (55), Nancy Lopez Knight (54), Nigella Lawson (51), Howie Long (50), Jimmy Page (67).

COLLEGE FOOTBALL BOWL PICK OF THE WEEK – Monday, 1/3, #4 Stanford Cardinal (11-1) vs. #13 Virginia Tech Hokies (11-2), 8:30 PM ET, ESPN. ACC champion Virginia Tech, which became the first FBS program to win 11 straight games after starting the season 0-2, will face a Stanford program that believes it is the best one-loss team in the country and has made its case with three shutouts and a Heisman-contending quarterback in Andrew Luck. This will be Jim Harbaugh’s last game at Stanford before he heads to Ann Arbor to coach his alma mater Michigan (Please!). Stanford is 3.0 point favorites give the points and pick Stanford to win the Orange Bowl.
Season to date (14-4).

NFL PICK OF THE WEEK – Saturday, 1/8, #6 seed New York Jets (11-5) at #3 seed Indianapolis Colts (10-6), 8:00 PM ET, NBC. The playoffs begin we hope Rink Rats perform better in the post season. We like the Colts to win, their running game is back and the Jets’ offense is not playoff caliber.
Season to date (6-11).

Saturday, January 8
NFC: 4:30 PM (ET) -- New Orleans at Seattle (NBC-TV)
AFC: 8:00 PM (ET) -- New York Jets at Indianapolis (NBC-TV)
Sunday, January 9
AFC: 1:00 PM (ET) -- Baltimore at Kansas City (CBS-TV)
NFC: 4:30 PM (ET) -- Green Bay at Philadelphia (FOX-TV)

Saturday, January 15
AFC: 4:30 PM (ET) -- Indianapolis or Kansas City or Baltimore at Pittsburgh (CBS-TV)
NFC: 8:00 PM (ET) -- Seattle or New Orleans or Green Bay at Atlanta (FOX-TV)
Sunday, January 16
NFC: 1:00 PM (ET) -- Philadelphia or Seattle or New Orleans at Chicago (FOX-TV)
AFC: 4:30 PM (ET) -- Kansas City or Baltimore or New York Jets at New England (CBS-TV)

--The AFC (CBS, 6:30 PM ET) and NFC (FOX, 3:00 PM ET) Championship Games will be played on Sunday, January 23.

--The 2011 Pro Bowl (FOX, 7:00 PM ET) will be played on Sunday, January 30 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii, one week before Super Bowl XLV takes place at Cowboys Stadium in North Texas on Sunday, February 6 (FOX, 6:30 PM ET).

PLAYOFF ODDS - The Jets are 2 1/2-point underdogs for the first-round game ... The Ravens are favored by 2 1/2 points on the road against the AFC West-champion Kansas City Chiefs ... The Saints probably will be favored by six to seven points ... against the Seahawks, who won the NFC West with a 7-9 record. The betting line will depend on whether Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck can return from a hip injury, said Dan O'Brien, an oddsmaker for Las Vegas Sports Consultants.... In the NFC's other first-round matchup, the NFC East- champion Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 2 1/2 points at home over the Packers.

COLLEGE HOCKEY GAME OF THE WEEK – Saturday, 1/8. #9 ranked Maine Black Bears (9-5-4) at #17 ranked Merrimack Warriors (9-4-4), 7:00 PM ET, Mystery Channel. This Hockey East contest will prove to be a good start to our College Hockey Pick of the Week. Rink Rats likes Maine to win in Massachusetts.
Season to date (0-0).

OBAMA AS REAGAN - Bloomberg's Mike Dorning reports: "As Barack Obama prepares to confront a strengthened Republican opposition to his tax, spending and immigration priorities when Congress convenes this week, his advisers are comparing him to another president who faced similar circumstances: Ronald Reagan. ... Before leaving for a year-end vacation, Obama sought advice from Reagan chief of staff Ken Duberstein and David Gergen, an image adviser to both Reagan and Clinton ... Obama's agenda will include items that appeal across party lines, such as an education overhaul that expands teacher merit pay and encourages more charter schools, a rewrite of the tax code, and steps to reduce the long-term budget deficit."

ONE FINAL NEW YEAR THOUGHT - I have not visited any foreign countries in my time, except for Canada, but I do know this is the greatest country on earth; more freedoms, the greatest opportunities, and 175 channels on cable TV. But this country is far from perfect. For example, when I see soccer Moms with their Land Rovers, cellular phones in their ears, too much makeup, velvet Nike sweat suits and fake tans treat people like second class citizens I must complain. When I see people denied the proper respect and civil rights because they choose to share their life with their own gender I must complain. When I see people choosing to have a 95 inch plasma HD television and sneakers that cost $295 instead of insuring their children have the proper diet, clothes and education I must complain. When I see individuals paid salaries that would warrant sound decisions, respect for their employees, respect for the people who support their salaries, and above all common sense but I only see greed, ignorance and a blame it on others attitude I must complain. So let us make 2011 a better year for one and all.

Next week, Dear Rink Rats and winter time domestic helpful hints.

Until next Monday, Adios.

Claremont, CA
January 3, 2011

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