Monday, November 19, 2012


I feel lucky, I have my health, yes I am over weight, but I feel good; no aches, pains, illness. Contrary to some people my mind is good and alert. I have a family that cares for me, good friends, a career I enjoy and look forward to every day. Yes I am lucky. We are all lucky in fact. We live in a country that is safe, prosperous, free, where you can express your believes, ideas and opinions openly, where people can disagree and still live together in peace.

Meanwhile love ones’, friends, fellow citizens, and fellow human beings do not have it so lucky. Many are sick, in pain, lonely, poor, without hope, and in constant stress to survive day to day. We should share our lives with those in need. In the time of year of giving thanks, provide an opportunity for those in need to give thanks. Serve, give, help, hug, love, listen, to all those in need this week, be it in Staten Island New York, the South Side of Chicago, the New Jersey shore, South Pomona California, Yunnan province China, the Gaza Strip, your next door neighbor, just share this week. It will make you feel great and want to share all year round.

Turn off the cellular phones, social networking, cable television, and share your luck with others. Reach out to friends who are ill, help a neighbor smile who never smiles, send what you can to hurricane, earthquake victims, pray for those in war and civil disorder, serve a meal to a neighbor who is without work or a home. Adopt a family from Rockaway Long Island, donate clothes to the Salvation Army, tell your sister or brother you love them, share.

There is no better way to give thanks.

Until Next Monday, thank you!

Claremont, CA
November 19, 2012

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