Monday, May 10, 2010


My theme this week will center on accountability. Is it still possible for government, on the federal, state and local level, to be accountable to its' citizens for spending beyond their means? Is it still possible citizens or should I say individuals who are illegal in this country to be held accountable for their actions in breaking the law? Is it still possible for all citizens to treat their fellow citizens with equal rights and respect under the law? Finally, is it possible for one woman to receive $637,000 per month in alimony from an ex-husband?

The only one of the questions mentioned above I can truly say yes to is Jamie McCourt's alimony award of this past week from her estranged husband and L.A. Dodger team owner, Frank McCourt. One word, Wow! That is a lot of Dodger Dogs!

As for the other questions I am sorry to say no. Throughout the world government spending is out of control, when government debt is near or over 100% of a country's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) you have major problems as is the case in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain and yes, the United States. It should be another interesting summer.

The situation in Arizona is a two edge sword; on one side is a state government exceeding its' authority in limiting individuals their basic rights, and on the other side of the sword the Mexican government is out of control or should I say nonexistent in serving the needs of their citizens. In my opinion both sides of the issue are wrong. Accountability in public policy world wide is absent these days.

On another sad note the ending of the Detroit Red Wings hockey season this past week adds a new issue to our thoughts in this blog. What will happen to Stevie Y? Mr. Red Wing, Steve Yzerman, might leave the organization to run another NHL team, perhaps Tampa Bay or Atlanta. This cannot happen, so please when you purchase a Little Caesars pizza in the future, tell your delivery person to keep Steve Yzerman with the Red Wings - I know this will carry a lot of power with the Ilitch family who owns the Red Wings and Little Caesars.

Since this is my first blog of restaurants I must acknowledge I am a local restaurant snob, my favorite local restaurant is The Parkway Grill located in Pasadena – for me it has no rival, a 10 on the Rink Rats scale. In this blog, on the odd occasion I will pass on to you my experiences in dining and drinking establishments.

Dining – my local strip mall dining experts; David Kung, Linda Gordon and Steve Lesniak, guided me to a local Argentinean restaurant, Tango Baires.

Located on 870 E. Foothill Boulevard in Upland this was a treat. I admit I am not a fan of any establishment located on Foothill Boulevard but this was a rare find. The menu though simple was very good. We had the Empanadas (beef, chicken, spinach, ham and cheese) and they were all light and full of flavor. My main dish was Bife De Chorizo (12 oz. NY grilled steak) with a side salad. The beef was tender and juicy. The wine and beer selection, though small, was good. We had the Trapiche Merlot from Argentina, lacking a bit in flavor but a nice wine for the price ($20.00/bottle). The menu also includes pastas, a good variety of chicken and beef dishes, many sandwiches, pizzas and a good selection of salads.

Tango Baires is a typical Foothill Boulevard, strip mall, lacking in ambiance restaurant but worth a visit.

$$, California Casual (meaning you can wear sweat pants), reservations recommended, 909-985-6800, located west of 13th Avenue and east of Campus Avenue on the south side of Foothill Boulevard in the city of Upland, California. It is also recommended you do not have Mr. Kung or Mr. Lesniak give you directions to Tango Baires.

The Rink Rats rating of 1 – 10 with 10 being The Parkway Grill, we give Tango Baires a 6.

Finally this week I would like to give a remembrance to all the Mothers and even all Women of the world. How you all manage family, work, hormones, and especially MEN is beyond this humble writer - thank you! A special thanks to Barbara Hasse and Carol Ann Lewis. We all would be nothing without you and your spirit.

Next week: the Rink Rats first movie review and our first annual Collegiate year end budget review and commentary.

Until next Monday, Adios.

Claremont, CA
May 10, 2010

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  1. Rick - I hope you keep an archive of the restaurant and movie reviews for those of us with porous minds. I am looking forward to trying Tango Baires!