Monday, June 21, 2010

Modern Day Idealism

A belated Happy Fathers’ Day to my Dad and to all Dads, in my opinion there is only one role model, your parents, especially your Dad.

The first day of summer; school is out, portable heaters are back in storage, sweaters are in their plastic containers, state and local budgets are late, and former Vice President Dick Cheney is complaining about the new administration. Wait a minute all are true but one, we have not heard from Mr. Cheney. In a time when the economy is still sorting itself out, the BP oil disaster is becoming President Obama’s Katrina, and the public is yearning for leadership – why has Dick Cheney not spoken?

An interesting question, perhaps he is too busy playing golf, writing a memoir, studying human rights law, or maybe he just feels like most of us the heck with it all. I don’t think so. Mr. Cheney feels he and his followers are just as responsible for all this mess as the current administration – the same holds true for former President Clinton. Current and past administrations are to blame for this economic and environmental mess we got ourselves into. The policies of relaxing controls and economic oversight have turned government into one large inefficient bureaucracy, with the lobbyists as the only players who know what they are doing.

Mr. Cheney cannot point a finger at the current administration and say you have done wrong because he knows the Bush “43” administration, the Clinton administration and the current Obama administration have been consistent in one form of governing, help the rich and your friends first and worry about the little guy and the environment later. This phony idealism of modern day governing where our leaders say one thing and do another must stop. The participants in this folly are many and cross party lines: President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, John Boehner, Harry Reid, John McCain, David Drier, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dennis Hollingsworth, Dean Florez and last but not certainly least Antonio Villaraigosa. Quite an impressive list of leadership by polling and not what is right. So for once Mr. Cheney you are not alone and that’s what really scares me.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers for their victory over the Boston Celtics. It is always comforting to me to witness my fellow citizens behaving in such a playful, innocent and civil manner when our athletic teams win. Also congratulations to the Pebble Beach Golf Club for humbling the world’s best golfers into complaining, swearing, hackers. I really enjoy watching Tiger Woods hit one in the ocean and the trees just like me.

Next week: our monthly financial review and where to go to on vacation this summer.

Until next Monday, Au Revoir.

Claremont, CA
June 21, 2010

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